09 May 2024

Team Member Profile: Jonas Woolford

Introducing Jonas..

Jonas Woolford’s parents, Peter and Pamela, bought and relocated to the island when Jonas was just over 12 months old. Flinders Island was Jonas’ playground and school classroom for the first 9 years of his life. A childhood full to the brim of exploring, beach combing, diving into rockpools, fishing, surfing, motorbikes and horse riding.

Life these days is still full of fishing, as Jonas is co-director and wild harvest abalone diver with Eyrewoolf Abalone. He also enjoys camping, fishing and travelling adventures with his two young daughters and partner. Occasionally, he manages to find time to catch some waves in the surf.

Jonas keeps himself busy by being involved in many committees, associations and volunteer groups that are either focussed on the abalone industry or regional health care.

If you book a transfer across to Flinders Island Eco Escape, Jonas will likely be your skipper on board our “Golden Roughy” – the 12 metre fast landing vessel we have had purpose built for the island. Look forward to meeting Jonas and learning all about Flinders Island history, he is a wealth of knowledge!

Pepita March ~ Flinders Island Eco Escape.

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