Getting There and Back

How do we get to Flinders Island?

Guests have the option to fly or boat to Flinders Island SA. A comprehensive summary of travel options can be found under the FIND US section of our website. We now offer island transfers via our new purpose built fast landing barge from Elliston.

What time does the island transfer depart?

Time of departure depends on your arrival time into Elliston, and the weather conditions.

Generally, during the summer months, crossing the open water is calmer in the morning, avoiding the sea-breezes. Whilst the autumn months often provide a better afternoon trip, when the northerly winds drop out.

Where can I leave my vehicle or caravan?

Island transfers depart Elliston’s Anxious Bay boat ramp. If you require your vehicle to be stored safely then this can be arranged at our business property in Elliston.

Is there a baggage limit for your boat transfers?

Our vessels have ample room for luggage, food and drink supplies, surfboards and other belongings.

Is there a safe mooring for my boat?

Yes a safe mooring is available in the main homestead bay if bringing your own boat. Please email us for more information.

Where can I find more information about the Flinders Island airstrip?

If you are intending to self fly, please email us regarding airstrip information. You can also find general information on the airstrip at countryairstrips.com.au

Is there AVGAS available on the island?

The nearest refuelling stations are located at Ceduna, Port Lincoln, or Wudinna airports, contingent on your route. Additionally, we maintain a limited stock of Avgas on the island for supplementary needs. Please confirm in advance.

Can I bring my own car or caravan?

No, due to biosecurity we do not allow guests to bring vehicles or caravans to Flinders Island. We have business premises in Elliston for safe storage during your stay. We also supply a 4WD vehicle for guests to explore the island.

Can I bring my pet?

No, for the safety of our wildlife and stock we do not allow pets on the island. There are many nesting shorebirds on Flinders Island SA, including at the main homestead in Groper Bay.

Accommodation and Amenities

How many guests can stay at Flinders Island Eco Escape?

Welcoming just one group at a time ensures our guests have exclusive access and privacy to the whole of Flinders Island SA.

Eyrewoolf Homestead can sleep up to 12 guests comfortably across 8 rooms. Main house has 1 queen room, 1 king/split king room, 2 twin rooms, and a single room. Outhouse rooms include 1 double +1 single, and a second double with adjoining king single.

The accommodation has large open plan living areas, fully self-contained kitchen and laundry, two bathrooms with a second separate toilet, walk in pantry storage and various outdoor areas for your enjoyment.

Will someone be on the island during our stay?

Yes we have an onsite manager who will be present for the duration of your stay. You will be provided with an induction upon your arrival, and there will be daily check-ins to ensure guest comfort and safety either via phone, text or scheduled visit agreed with by the guests/manager. The manager is also available for any enquiries during the day, and for urgent enquiries 24hrs.

Do you supply linen?

All bed linen, bath towels and kitchen linen is supplied, however we recommend you bring your own beach towels (there are a few spares if required).

Is there heating/cooling in the rooms?

Being surrounded by the ocean, Flinders Island has a temperate climate with mild to warm summers. Fans are provided in the rooms and there is also a fireplace in the lounge area for use outside of fire danger season.

What cooking facilities are available?

Eyrewoolf Homestead has a large fully self-contained kitchen with all modern appliances, plus additional electrical appliances such as a bread machine, blender, coffee machine etc to make the best use of our solar. A family size BBQ and gas is supplied, as well as a camp oven for the fire pit area.

What basic pantry items are in the pantry store?

We provide basic pantry staples, soda stream, bread flour/yeast, and a selection of condiments and sauces. You can see the full pantry list at the link below.

Do you have a laundry?

Yes we have a full size laundry for guest use, featuring a front loader washing machine. All laundry detergent is supplied. We have a clothes line in the outdoor service area, as well as a backup undercover clothes line.

Do you have WIFI?

Yes, we have a free high speed Starlink WIFI connection.

What entertainment is available in the homestead?

Although most of our guests prefer to spend their time outdoors exploring the island, we do provide a range of indoor entertainment for those wishing for a little down time. You will find a Digital TV with WIFI connectivity (Netflix/Disney), and satellite TV service., a library of books, tapes, plus board games, cards, and a small selection of toys for the kids.

What is the telephone service like?

Due to our remote location 3G/4G mobile range is subject to weather conditions. WIFI calling is available in and around Eyrewoolf Homestead via the Starlink satellite connection. Guest house landline is also available. When you are out and about you will get best mobile range at various high points around the island. There is also mobile range at the Manager’s house.

Can I smoke in the homestead?

No, smoking is not permitted inside the homestead. You are welcome to smoke outdoors, however please dispose of your cigarette butts in the bins provided.

Can we have an outdoor fire?

Yes, we love watching the sunsets from our designated fire pit. We do recommend guests bring a packet of yummy marshmallows for your kids. Firewood is provided. Please note that the only fires allowed on the island are at the designated fire pit areas outside of fire danger season. No other fires are allowed to be lit on the island.

Do you provide recycling on the island?

Yes, we have bins for general refuse, compost, and mixed recycling.

Do you supply basic amenities?

Yes we provide luxury Soap Aid bulk amenities, including shampoo, conditioner & body wash ~ pack lighter and leave yours at home!


Can I take a tour around the island?

Use our new digital Ipad mapping application, uploaded with tracks, landmarks, lookouts and information, and tailor your own unique adventure. See our activities page for our most loved self guided tours.

Where are the best swimming beaches?

Flinders Island has many sheltered bays for swimming and snorkelling. Generally the northern beaches are more sheltered with protected sandy shores, whilst the south end is rugged and wild with granite cliffs and rockpools (not suitable for high swell days). We suggest checking the weather and choosing the location on the lee side of the island to make the most of your swimming experience.

Do you have snorkelling gear available for hire?

We supply a small selection of snorkelling equipment, however it is best to bring your own if you are a keen snorkeller. We have an identification guide so you can locate and learn about the marine species around Flinders Island!

Do you have equipment available for hire?

We have a small selection of water sports equipment including a double kayak, two large single kayaks (and life jackets), boogie board and softboard for our guests to use. It is adviseable to bring your own surfboards and snorkelling gear for a better experience as our equipment may not be suitable for everyone.

Do I need to bring my own beach shade?

We supply a simple beach shade for our guests should you need one during your stay.

Where can I surf on Flinders Island?

There are three main surfing spots on Flinders Island SA;
1. The A frame, a gentle consistent reef break on the reef right in front of the main homestead. Great for surfers of all abilities.
2. The famous Kitchen View, an epic right hand point break located walking distance from the main homestead. Best for experienced surfers.
3. The South West break, ask us for the location, best for experienced surfers.

Should I bring my own wetsuit?

We don’t supply wetsuits, please bring your own.

Where are the best rock pools?

There are plenty of rock pools around Flinders Island SA and our most loved are marked on the interactive ipad map available to our guests. Check with the manager about swell conditions before venturing to the spectacular south end rockpool, oceans can be unpredictable.

What is the beach fishing like on Flinders Island?

There are plenty of beach fishing opportunities on Flinders Island SA! We recommend fishing for flathead and whiting off the many protected sandy shores. You can also catch plenty of salmon, sweep and tommy rough, and the odd southern calamari from the shoreline. Most of the larger species are best caught from a boat.

Do I need to bring my own fishing gear and bait?

Yes it is advised to bring your own fishing gear depending on your individual requirements. If taking a charter tour, fishing gear and bait will be supplied.

Do you offer a charter fishing tour?

We now have a charter fishing license, please check with us if you wish to enjoy a Flinders Island charter tour during your stay. Alternatively we can suggest other operators in the area.

Can you walk around the island?

Flinders Island is a 13km by 8 km expanse of land. You can walk many tracks and trails, however due to our remote location and for added safety we suggest that guests take our 4WD vehicle to a “walk in point” and enjoy shorter track and trails from that location.

Are there marked walking tracks?

Our interactive map highlights top walking paths, some marked with reused driftwood and buoy signs, while others are easily noticeable. If you enjoy beachcombing, wander along our stunning beaches. To maintain their beauty, pick up a hessian bag and gather items from the shore. We provide a designated bin for your collected ocean finds.

What plants and animals will I see on Flinders Island?

Flinders Island South Australia is a unique and wild place of immense natural beauty, 75% is covered with native vegetation. Fauna species of note include hooded plover, pied oystercatcher, migratory shorebirds, osprey and white-bellied sea eagle. Marine species are abundant and include dolphins, Australian sea lions, and the much loved Western Blue Groper. We have a selection of identification guides available for our guests to identify flora and fauna species of note, or see our conservation page for more information on the Safe Haven Project and our conservation initiatives.

Do you have games, toys or entertainment for the kids?

Yes we are a family friendly holiday destination and have a small selection of kids toys, board games, cards, like UNO and SpotIt, plus a smart TV for giving the kids some down time.

Is there a playground?

Nature is our playground on Flinders Island, and there is plenty of exploring, climbing, water activities and rock hopping on our doorstep to keep the kids entertained for hours!

Are there caves on Flinders Island?

The ancient caves of Flinders Island are nature’s time capsules. Take a self guided tour using our ipad mapping application to uncover the secret caves – our favourite is the Guano Cave, where evidence of the early settlers remain.

Are there shipwrecks on Flinders Island?

Absolutely.. Take our self-guided tour “Shipwreck Chronicles” to uncover the island’s rich maritime history and view the remnants of adventures gone awry.

Where can I learn more about the history of Flinders Island?

Make use of the library at Eyrewoolf Homestead where we have a selection of books and articles on the history of Flinders Island SA. Reach out if you have any specific questions, as we are always excited to share our rich history with guests.

Food and Drink

Is there a supermarket or restaurant on the island?

No, Flinders Island Eco Escape has no shop or restaurant and is a self-catering island. Guests need to bring all perishable food, and drinks for the duration of their stay. We do provide basic pantry staples, soda stream, bread flour/yeast, and a selection of condiments and sauces. You can see a full list of pantry staples at the link below.

Can I drink the water on the island?

Yes, the homestead is fully off grid and supplied by rain water which is suitable for drinking. We kindly suggest guests bring refillable drink water bottles to help reduce the plastic waste produced on the island, or you can purchase your own branded Flinders Island double insulated vacuum flask once you arrive.

Do I need to bring my own alcohol?

Yes we are unable to supply alcohol to guests. We do recommend guests bring cans, bulk liquor bottles, and make use of our soda stream to reduce recycling waste being transported back to the mainland.

Can someone help us with meal planning?

Yes absolutely, reach out to our friendly team and we can assist with meal planning, sourcing local in season produce, and click and collect options at our local supermarkets.


Do you supply a first aid kit?

Yes, we are fully equipped with general first aid kits in the homestead and island vehicles. We request all guests are equipped with their own personal medications. There is Royal Flying Doctor Medical Chest at the Managers residence in case of accident or illness. Please contact the manager immediately if you require assistance.

What if I need medical assistance?

In case of a life threatening emergency, we ask guests to please dial ‘000’ straight away and then ensure management is informed immediately. The manager will liaise with emergency crew if a retrieval by Royal Flying Doctors, emergency helicopter or boat is required. The homestead also has a defibrillator which is clearly marked and located in the pantry storeroom of the homestead. We ask all guests to travel with travel insurance please.


If you have an unanswered question reach out to us via the contact form below.