08 May 2024

Flinders Island Safe Haven Project Enters Next Crucial Phase

Sub fossil remains of the now locally extinct subspecies of tammar wallaby that inhabited Flinders Island SA

Exciting News!

We’re thrilled to share that our vision for a new island safe haven for nationally threatened mammal species is becoming a reality as we are gearing up for the next crucial phase of the Flinders Island Safe Haven Project!

Important Update on Accommodation Availability:

To ensure the safe and effective implementation of our conservation project, the island and its accommodations will be temporarily closed for a period of 8 months, starting May 2024. If you’ve been considering a visit, we encourage you to book your stay either before or after this period. Rest assured, every booking contributes directly to this fantastic conservation initiative, supporting our efforts to protect and enhance the habitat of nationally threatened species.

What’s Happening?

Starting early next year, we’ll begin eradicating invasive feral species, including cats, rats, and mice, from the island. Our targeted operations are set to commence in May 2025.

The Flinders Island Safe Haven project has at its core a strong and collaborative partnership between the principal organisations delivering the project: Department for Environment and Water, National Parks and Wildlife Service SA, Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, the Woolford family and the Australian Government.

Read more about the key project elements for the Flinders Island Safe Haven here.

Stay tuned for updates as this exciting project progresses into the next phase.

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