26 October 2023

Meet your Flinders Island Hosts – Peter and Nong

Peter and Nong the dynamic Flinders Island Hosts.

Introducing Peter and Nong, the dynamic Flinders Island hosts.

Peter Woolford, with his deep love for this slice of paradise, became the proud owner of Flinders Island in 1978. F or Peter, Flinders Island is more than just land; it’s his second home, a place where his heart truly belongs. Peter is a true Eyre Peninsula local, born in Tumby Bay and joining his father on the farm after boarding school. His opportunistic purchase of Flinders Island saw him relocate with a young family where they resided on the island for 10 years running merino sheep. After noticing abalone divers around the island, he became interested in the industry and purchased an abalone licence in 1984. Peter not only loves the depths of the ocean, he has a keen interest in aviation and obtained his pilot license 15 years ago. He is man who enjoys spending time on the ocean, tending to sheep on the island, travelling to new places and eating Nong’s food.

Nong is the culinary artist of Flinders Island. Her background is in food and hospitality and she strives to make her customers happy. Nong’s love for cooking is an art form in itself, and she takes pride in using the freshest, most exquisite produce sourced right from her garden on the island. Each dish she creates is a masterpiece that not only nourishes the body but is also an aesthetic delight.

While on the island, enjoy hearing a tale or two from the pair. Or be safe in the knowledge that our experienced Flinders Island hosts can answer any questions you have while you explore, relax and reconnect at Flinders Island Eco Escape.

~ Pepita March, Flinders Island Eco Escape

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