14 February 2024

Discover Off-Grid Accommodation on Eyre Peninsula at Flinders Island Eco Escape

In the heart of South Australia, the Eyre Peninsula offers a retreat into nature like no other.

For those seeking to refresh and reset, there’s no better way than the tranquility of off-grid accommodation. From low footprint coastal villas to tiny homes and glamping tents, the Eyre Peninsula caters to eco-friendly weekends away. Among these, Flinders Island Eco Escape shines as a premier destination for off-grid accommodation on the Eyre Peninsula.

Off-Grid Accommodation Eyre Peninsula view

Escape to Paradise

Flinders Island Eco Escape, a secluded gem in the Investigator Group Marine Park, epitomizes the essence of off-grid living. Situated 35km southwest of Elliston on the Eyre Peninsula, this private island retreat offers an exclusive experience, embracing the simplicity and beauty of the island lifestyle. Owned by the Woolford family since 1978, and now easily accessible by boat transfer, Flinders Island invites you to share in the serenity and adventure of this off-grid paradise.

Nestled amongst coastal shrub on the beachfront of Groper Bay, Eyrewoolf Homestead provides stunning views of the coastline towards Topgallant Isles, setting the standard for off-grid accommodation on the Eyre Peninsula. This self-contained sanctuary ensures a private experience, with the Southern Ocean as your front yard, blending eco-friendly living with the comforts of home.

Sustainability and Conservation at the Heart of Flinders Island Eco Escape

As a beacon of sustainable living, Flinders Island Eco Escape operates on solar power and collects rainwater. Passive heating and cooling, alongside energy-efficient appliances, bulk amenities and sustainable products align with the commitment to sustainability, not only offering a comfortable stay but also protecting the pristine environment of the Eyre Peninsula.

At Flinders Island Eco Escape, our vision extends beyond providing a unique and secluded getaway on the Eyre Peninsula. We are deeply committed to conservation, with the ambitious goal of transforming Flinders Island into a safe haven for nationally threatened mammal species, thereby protecting and enhancing the island’s unique ecosystems. By choosing Flinders Island Eco Escape, you are not just selecting an off-grid accommodation on the Eyre Peninsula; you’re supporting a project that aims to protect and restore our distinctive biodiversity for future generations.

Plan Your Off-Grid Adventure on the Eyre Peninsula

Flinders Island Eco Escape is not just an off-grid accommodation on the Eyre Peninsula; it’s a call to reconnect with the simple pleasures of life. It’s an opportunity to wake up to the sound of birds, enjoy the tranquility of secluded beaches, and gaze at the stars without the intrusion of city lights.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate off-grid accommodation on the Eyre Peninsula? Visit our Island Stay page to discover more about Flinders Island Eco Escape and start your journey to tranquility and adventure!

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