23 May 2024

Conservation on Flinders Island: Our Journey to Restore and Reintroduce

Learn about our efforts to restore the rich biodiversity of Flinders Island through conservation, and to create a Safe Haven for threatened mammal species!

Unique Landscapes: Flinders Island’s Rich Biodiveristy

From sweeping views to rockpools, white sandy beaches and towering cliffs, home to sea lions, dolphins and groper in the ocean, skinks, geckos, but no snakes on land, to raptors in the sky ~ Flinders Island has a truly diverse ecosystem.

The Lost Species

Understand the mammals that once thrived on Flinders Island and the reasons behind their decline or disappearance.

Reintroducing Threatened Mammals

Our vision to create a new island safe haven for nationally threatened mammal species which protects and enhances the island’s unique ecosystems is becoming a reality.

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Learn more about our conservation efforts and become a part of this exciting journey here!

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