02 September 2016

Activities on Flinders Island

Activities on Flinders Island getaway

The journey is part of the adventure then when you arrive relax and enjoy the beachfront accommodation with stunning sea views.

Imagine going on a holiday and having a whole Island all to yourself! With 14 white sandy beaches to enjoy and the chance to explore 50kms of coastline offering a great variety of terrain, wildlife and scenery.

Flinders Island stay is very unique accommodation where the island home is situated 35kms off mainland with the closest town being Elliston. It is approximately an hour’s flight from Port Lincoln and an hours boat trip from Elliston. As Flinders Island is part of the Great Australian Bight, you will see stunning coastlines and deep marine waters. Flinders Island is 9000 acre in size and it is situated 35kms off the South Australian mainland.

Things to do at Flinders Island Getaway

  • There is great fishing; Whiting, snapper, salmon, flathead and many more
  • Experience life at an island pace
  • Lazing around just relaxing on pristine beaches
  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling & diving
  • Sandhills adventures
  • Photography
  • Kapara Coastal Steamer Wreck
  • Madelina II a Northern Rock Lobster boat
  • Hiking
  • Watch dolphins at play
  • Heritage area featuring native bush and flora
  • Hiking and exploring 50kms of coastline
  • Observe the many varieties of seabirds
  • A 4WD vehicle available for use
  • 1-15ft aluminium dinghy with 40hp motor for fishing
  • Walk around the ruins of the old Sealing Station at Bryants Bay
  • Bat Guana which used to be mined for fertiliser and transported to Lower Eyre Peninsula for crop growing

Visit some of our local attractions:

  • The Cave, The Wreck – The Madelina II, Bat Guana which used to be mined.
  • Check out our beautiful Island on YouTube

Photos of local sites

Island Host

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